June 5, 2015

Boulevard Restaurant, Kuching

A new restaurant in Boulevard Shopping Mall, they serve great dumpling/dim sum, noodles, BBQ rice, and many more.
I love the food, the cleanliness, the price is reasonable, and the service are surprising fast.

We had..
Shrimp Dumpling Dry Noodle - RM10 - almost similar to the wantan noodles I had in Hong Kong.

Pork & Shrimp Dumpling - RM6.50

BBQ Chee Cheong Fun - RM6.50 - Emmett loves this. Soft and tasty.

Crispy pork belly with rice - RM10

Jin Do Pork Ribs - RM7 - yummy

Canned drinks at RM4 each


Rose said...

It is the one opposite the Ramen place in lowest ground in new wing right? I have not been there but most people said the roasted duck is good.

Your food looks good.

Ez Vina said...

Yes, thats the one. I did not try the duck, next time maybe.