December 12, 2016

38 Food Street, iCom

We went to 38 Food street, iCom Square for breakfast this morning.

We had..

Bread, milo + milk, and chocolate + milk

Kolo mee (RM3.50) and Ham chim peng (RM1)

Chee cheong fun - RM5.50

Mee Sua - RM7

The place is new, it's clean and the food are good.


baili said...

sounds nice place to eat and enjoy.loved the bread milo most .
last item seems too heavy for breakfast to me though

suituapui said...

2, 3 and 4, I love them all!!! Slurpssss!!!!

Sharon D said...

Haiyo...the roti looks so delicious. Memang my kind of breakfast la ini .. hehe