December 23, 2016

Kado 角落, Kuching

Me and the girls had a get-together dinner at Kado 角落, Padungan, Kuching, 2 nights ago.  It's my 1st time there.

Food are good but the place is hard to find.
When we reach there at 7pm, there's no other customer at the time, the place looks clean but not properly arranged.

We had..
My drinks - Ice blended Red Sour Plum - RM4

 Pepper Squid - RM23

Lamb Steak Mushroom Sauce - RM18.90

Onion pancake - RM3
Carbonara with Grilled Chicken - RM10.50

Smoked duck pizza - RM13.80

Chef salad - RM6

Our total bill - RM117.60

We had a great time that night.


Rose World said...

Smoked duck pizza. That sounds good.

Ooo. I missed pepper squid. Drooling and hungry now.

Not sure where is this but I will google and find out. ^^

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, yup the smoked duck is very tasty. But I think and make one at home very easy.

The squids are good too. Apparently this is a very old place, more than 10 years?!

Sharon D said...

I would love to try the smoked duck pizza. Looks so good..