September 11, 2017

Maludam National Park

I had an opportunity to visit Maludam National Park last month.

I believe not many know about this place, even I had to search on Google Maps to see the location when I got the assignment :)

Maludam National Park covers an area of 432 square kilometres (167 sq mi) make it the second largest park in Sarawak. It is located in the Maludam Peninsula and consists entirely of low-lying, flat peat swamp forest. source:

Our 3D2N trip starts from Kuching - Samarahan - Sebuyau - Iban Longhouse at Kg Sg Pedada - Meludam Homestay - Maludam National Park - Pusa - Simpang Spaoh - Betong - Iban Longhouse at Nanga Murat - Lachau - Serian - Kuching.

This is how our journey looks like..

This is Maludam National Park.

Jum layan gambar yang melambak..

 Breakfast 2 kali pagi tu


 Maludam National Park
Lunch.  Petang pergi memancing.  Anak Ikan Buntal.

 Pergi laut tengok sunset. Gambar dengan Homestay family.

Ok dah nak balik. Singgah beli gula apong dan payak.
Singgah di Rumah Panjang Nanga Murat.

Singgah di Pasar Lachau.


Rose World said...

Nice trip. I dream of such road trip. Never heard of this Maludam national park. Haha. Now I know.

Sharon D said...

I dream of such a road trip too, Rose. Syiok ohh ..
Lovely photos, Ez! Happening betul.