September 24, 2008

You know you are a true Kuchingite when

Found this interesting entry from Funnymayhem blog, which I think so true, and decided to post it here .. excluding the point that are not applicable to me ;)

You know you are a true Kuchingite when...

1. Your most important decision on waking up in the morning is to decide which coffee shop or food court to take your breakfast. ( true )

2. You eat out 7 days a week, three times a day. ( almost true, lazy to go out if its raining, so sometime cook at home )

3. You have at least 5 favourtie laksa stalls, 7 kolo mee, 2 kueh chap stalls and ONE beef noodle stall, ie Ah Mui mee sapi, at the Open Air Market. ( Mee sapi I prefer the one at Green Hill Corner, and Kuey Chap at 3rd mile night market...yummy.. )

4. You go nuts if you don't get your fix of kolo mee or laksa at least five times a week. ( sometimes )

5. You think nothing of driving 10 miles out to check out a new food court ( agree )

6. You request the waiter for plastic bag to ta pau your unfinished food in a restaurant. ( sometimes pai se²)

7.When it comes to tipping, er....sorry...what tipping? ( yah..what tips?! )

8. You do your major grocery shopping only on Friday, the price-war-day between the supermarkets. ( sometimes )

9. You get your mother-in-law, your father-in-law to tag along to buy toilet rolls (super duper cheap but limited to two packets per person), then buy them lunch/dinner at HongKong Noodle House. ( Aiyo..this one I cannot stand, why ho they use so much of toilet paper...puzzle )

So Kuchingite...what say you?


Sumuk said...

satu rumah ada 3 bilik air. 1 bilik air pakai 2-3 org. 1 roll pakai 2-3hari only finish oredi. so like that lo.. :p

lvynana said...

tok bogo!

Tikiyung said...

haha...oku suka de no.3, itu list boleh tambah lagi. i want nasi kari...wahaha!!!

lvynana said...

tikiyung mmg peminat setia nasi kari boow.