November 10, 2008

Apple juice, Black pepper lamb, Poori

For lunch :
These one for green apple kasturi juice, ala secret recipe gitu..
Lamb yang sudah di-marinate semalaman
Black pepper lamb with baby carrots and baby kailan
For dinner :
It's poori again!


One Other ... said...

Yummy!! So, did u bake the lamb?
Bagi la secret recipe ya.. i only know how to make sprite ribena lemon, and other things lemon.

lvynana said...

recipe black pepper lamb noh ogi dek eugene-mum-recipe.blogspot, recipe tikam2 sijak. oku grill dlm kuali jer..ambik short cut babe.

green apple kasturi noh, simple jak.
apple, somboi (noh ada putih² ya), sugar, some salt (optional).

tikiyung said...

omg...u make me soo hungry, sabar jak la. ndak ko makin btambah sehat. nait semangat ku mauk masak kari ayam tikiyung's style muahaha!!!

lvynana said...

nasib baik bukan kari tikiyung jipon :D

Anonymous said...

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