March 10, 2009

Dinner @ Sarawak Club

Spacious hall, very bright lighting

Fried rice, chinese style

Prawn with yam basket

Brocolli, carrot, and various type of mushrooms.
What's on my plate...

1. Cold Dish
2. Shark Fin Soup
3. Emperor Chicken
4. Steam Fish - Thai style
5. Fried Rice
6. Prawn
7. Vege
8. Dessert
9. Drinks

Price : RM480-RM500 per table.


Rose said...

I love sarawak club food. heheh! but u need to choose the right dishes lah.

lvynana said...

yup, their food are good, better compare to some of the 'famous' hotels here.

Sumuk said...

so what's your rating?

lvynana said...

Not very good at rating, but can tell where it stands among the other restaurant/hotels. YM yoh.

Willie said...

Wow. I like this post. There are many tables there. U sure come early since i don't see many people there yet or were u the organiser?

I have had dinner there twice. This year in March 21, will be our church dinner. But i wasn't the organiser.Could it be possible that you will be invited too? But of course lah have to pay RM5o. Since it is a fund raising dinner. We are finding fund to build our Bishop a new house (office).

One Other ... said...

Who's dinner is this?

Haha. Sempat juak ambik gambar. Mun aku tek, makan dolok, baru start snapping.

lvynana said...

Willie : Nope, I'm not attending.

One other : Udah kenyang baru ambik gambar, ya la byk food lain sikda gambar tek ;)

Hazel said...

the dishes are quite nice but i think the price is expensive