August 5, 2010

Dear John

Never heard of this movie before;
masa kat kedai dvd hari tu, saya ternampak dvd ni, terus beli..sebab apa?!
Sebab saya minat Channing Tatum dalam Step Up (2006), Step Up 2: The Streets (2008) and Fighting (2009).
Minat juga Amanda Seyfried dalam Mamma Mia.
Apa lagi..terus beli dan sangat diorang ni..

It was two weeks that would change their lives forever. Soon after John and Savannah fall madly in love, their relationship is put on hold. With one leaving to complete his service, and the other to complete her college education, they pass the time by exchanging a continuous stream of love letters, until they can be reunited permanently a year later. But when war breaks out, their separation is extended indefinitely. Will their relationship survive the greatest test of all: the test of time? Based on the best-selling novel from the author of The Notebook, DEAR JOHN is a timeless romance that will warm your heart.


Ivy Metaga said...

macam best jak oooo..berminat mok tgk juak lah

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Layan...jgn sik layan dayung.

cyrildason said...

The notebook is an awesome movie..

Mummy Gwen said...

You are a romantic person. :)