October 9, 2010

MMR + Chicken Pox

Ahad lepas kami bawa Emmett ke klinik for MMR vaccine.
Doctor bagitau sekarang dah ada 4-in-1 jab,
Measles, Mumps and Rubella + Chicken Pox.

Kami pun setuju ambik yang tu,
tak payah la cucuk lagi untuk Chicken Pox nanti.

Total cost RM170.

Berat dia sekarang dah 9.95kg.

*One week later he had a mild fever, which lasted for 2 days, followed by a few series of diarrhea.  Could it be the side effect of the jab?


Rose said...

a lot of things in one always cost more. yaloh, kasian our kids. Kena cucuk almost every month since birth till 1 year old....

Coffee Girl said...

... at least diorang tak suffer like us kids in those days. but every kids shd experience chicken pox. believe it or not, it cud be something to brag about. haha