August 4, 2011

Facebook Landing Page

How to change your landing page in your facebook page?

Instead of going to your wall in your facebook page, you can direct your non-fan visitors to your own personalize page.
You can do this by...
Go to : Edit Page -> Manage Permissions -> Default Landing Tab:
In the drop down menu you can choose whichever page you like it to be your Landing Page.

Selamat mencuba!


Merryn said...

Wah.. Must cuba ni! Thank u for sharing

Coffee Girl said...

i dont even know what a landing page is. the first they see is it?

lvynana said...

Merryn: yup, must try :)

Coffee girl: Landing page tok, mun u ada fanpage baruk ada benda tok, mun account fb biasa sikda. Nya macam homepage la, 1st page org luar nampak.