August 7, 2011

Facebook FBML no longer available

*awal tahun ni tadi facebook ada announced yang service FBML takkan diteruskan lagi; sedih nyer dah tak dapat nak main-main dengan benda nie dah...

Facebook will no longer let you create any new Static FBML tabs

Thanks to the last Pages Upgrade event, Facebook has announced, among other things, that Page Admins won't be able to create any new Static FBML tabs for their pages, starting March 11th. From that date foward, the only way to accomplish a similar thing is creating a Facebook Application, which is extremely complicated for those that aren't familiar with coding (FBML, PHP, etc.).

Even though we will be no longer able to add custom tabs to our Pages, those that are created through Static FBML won't be removed and will continue to work.

I suggest those who administer Pages and normally use Static FBML to add 5 or 6 new tabs and hide them, in order to be able to edit them in case they ever need a new tab. How? Edit Page -> Apps -> Static FBML -> Go to App -> Add a new FBML box. In order to hide it, Edit Page -> Apps -> Static FBML -> Edit Settings -> Tab/Box -> remove.



Coffee Girl said...

:-)) i can live without that thing. :-))

ken said...

thanks for informing.. will add more FBML tabs! :)

ken said...

dude.. i just realized.. STARTING MARCH 11?? that's like long overdue and you JUST posted this? LOL?

lvynana said...

Yup, coz i just found out i cant add amymore of the static fbml, luckily there's other app available now, will blog about it when i got time.