November 3, 2011

Ba’Kelalan Natural Organic Food & Wellness Trail

What to do in Bakelalan?

Experience the lifestyle of the Lun Bawang community with Homestay program.

Jungle trekking to Long Kumap Salt Spring, and experience the cold and clean water in the stream along the way.

Explore Bakelalan surroundings by visiting the rice fields, apple farms & the organic research farm.

Experience the adventure by taking the 5 hours drive on a 4WD to Merarap Hot Spring along the bumpy logging road and don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the ways.

A quick stop at the Buduk Bui Salt Spring which is about 1 hour drive from Bakelalan, and take a short stroll to the Salt Spring.

Along the way, you will pass by a few kampungs, among them are Long Langai, Long Ritan, Long Rusu, Buduk Bui, Long Rangat, Buduk Aru and lastly Long Ubau.

You will also come across a Spring water just by the road side where you can take a sip of the cool and refreshing water from the mountain.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy!


Rose said...

Wow! Must feel great to go back to nature.

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Wow, u dah pergi sia?

Lvynana said...

Rose: yup, its great.

Willie: auk, pergi bulan lepas.