November 15, 2011


Our conversation this morning, while on the way to Eugene's kindy.
The weather is nice and cold this morning, so I just switched off the air-con and pull down the window.

Eugene: I have something to ask you.
Mummy: Yes.
Eugene: Motorcycle got air-con or not?
Mummy: No.
Eugene: So they use 'angin' only la?
Mummy: Yes.
Eugene: ooo..sambil anguk kepala.

Other time he asked me about the sun, the moon, and the earth.
His fav question, 'Why is the Sun following me?!' Masa dia tengah marah sebab mata dia silau dalam kereta. Anybody knows what is the best answer to this question? I wish they have Science subject in Kindy :D


Mummy Gwen said...

LOL...your boy is smart lah. Gwen also ask me alot of why this and that.

lvynana said...

Kids..sometimes pening need to find the simplest way to explain to them :)