December 13, 2011

Fullhouse Cafe

At cute place to hang out at..
Fullhouse cafe @ the Hills.
*esp for K-pop lover
Ice Lemon Tea
Grilled Dory with mushroom sauce + mashed potato
mini tiramisu - RM2.50 + mushroom soup
Total cost: RM20.++


Rose said...

Seldom go to The Hills. If go, also makan at Sushi King! Not not much choise there :(

lvynana said...

ohh...I go to Hills only for the food and of coz Toy r Us la.
Lots of choices there; Kim Bay, Station 1, Bings!, Ipoh Town, Delifrance and the latest Fullhouse.
That's enough for me :)

Iriene said...

I have been to Full House near my house (not really @ NiuZheSui. Like the ambience and the interior - very cosy, very beautifully decorated like from the fairy tale :)

lvynana said...

This is exactly the same like the one at NiuZheSui, the same car also. Must be one of the franchise.

Nicely decorated, hope they can maintain the cleanliness.

Coffee Girl said...

ada kim bay di Hills? jarang2 juak mok singgal di Hills kecuali ada function di Pullman.

Hayley said...

Hi, never been to this place before.. The food looks good and the price is reasonable too!

lvynana said...

Coffee girl: ada Kim Bay, dayung.

Haley: no bad, I like the deco.