March 29, 2012

Eugene @ 5y6m with fever n cough

Eugene had a long-and-tiring fever with bad cough.

Fever started on Sunday afternoon together with minor cough.
Fever only occur in the afternoon up to midnight, in the morning he is all fine.
Day 5 - brought him to B.T clinic, was given an antibiotics, fever and 2 cough syrups.
Dia nak makan biskut cornflakes madu, so we make it together. Start coughing.
Day 6 - fever at 4pm and 10pm
Day 7 - notice that his molar teeth (or issit the premolar?) is coming out, might that be the culprit?
Fever at 11am and 7pm
Day 8 - fever at 2am
Day 9 - cough getting worst, went to B.T clinic at 6.30pm, temp at 36.9' and neb. Meds - 3 diff types of cough syrups including a pink color steriod cough sy rup which not to be taken for more than 5 days and to be thrown away after that (not sure whether to give him or not, end up we didn't); plus an antibiotics again.
Day 10 - no improvement on the cough
Day 11 - Mdm Tay from nursery called said that Eugene cough badly and seem quite weak. Me and hubby bring him to see Dr. Wee, got an antibiotics (Clarithromycin) pink color mucus syrup and clear cough syrup. By evening, his cough is getting better.
Day 12 - start him on Clarithromycin antibiotics. Only 1 bad cough session at night
Day 13 - Emmett pulak start suara garau, but it's going to be in other post...this post is getting to long, and Eugene is fine now.


Rose said...

Glad to hear Eugene is fine by now. take care there.

lvynana said...

Thanks, he can easily catch a cough now that he is in the nursery for whole day :(

Ms Tikot said...

Hopefully semuanya cepat sembuh...