March 10, 2012

Removing a Cyst

2 weeks ago, at exactly this time, I went through a surgery under general unaesthetic to remove a cyst. It was done by a mouth surgeon Dr. Tay.

Day 1
6.00am - breakfast with 2 oat crackers and plain water
8.50am - check in, horrible wait
2pm - being stretched to operation operation theater, at waiting hall, insert the drip on my left and and some liquid into my right nose.
2.30pm - to operation theater no. 3, inhale some gas and feel sharp pain in my left hand. Down.
4pm - wake up, i asked "dah ka?" (is it done?) a few time.
4.15pm - pm waking up in own room.
4.30pm - pm start feeling the pain on my face area.
6pm - took pain killer, drink plain water, feel much better.
7.30pm - Dr Tay came by, pity him just had a minor
8.00pm - ate porridge

Day 2
10.30am Dr. Tay came by, face start swollen
12.30pm check out

Day 3
Worst swollen

Day 4
Drive Eugene to school

Day 6
Banking activity and salon

Day 8
Back to hometown, no more swollen face :)

Day 9
Finished the antibiotics

Day 10
Back to work

Day 11
1st stitch fall off

Day 12
Lab report:
A dark dental cyst measuring 3cm by 2cm by 1cm received. The surface has smooth lining and contains soft brownish material. The tissue is sectioned and submitted in two blocks.

Sections of the cyst show collagenous wall lined by stratified squamous epithelium. In some areas, the cyst wall is hyanlinised. there are also acute and chronic inflammatory cells in the cyst lining. the is area of epithelial erosion. Some cholesterol clefts are seen in the inflamed stroma. Dilated capillaries are also included. Inflamed granulation tissue is seen in the the cyst lining. There is no malignancy.
- Dr. Mapphy Duncan

Day 14
8.20am - had a 10 minutes follow up check, everything is fine.

Best example here.
Thank you, Lord.


Ms Tikot said...

X lamak operation ya kah? Kmk lalu x ada check agik... x maok operation..

Rose said...

Thank god it is non cancerous!

Coffee Girl said...

Thank God youre ok dayung. psst... Dr Maphhy Duncan is my uncle. ;)

lvynana said...

Ms Tikot: operation about 1 1/2 hour jak, operation ya ok jak, cuma masa tunggu ya nang boleh sakit jantung dipolah nya :)

Kitak ada csyt juak? sine? In my case, nasib juak buang cepat sebab mun dah 'buruk/bertambah besar' lain gik cerita. As a doctor once told my friend 'Today it's a cyst, tomorrow we don't know.' Try clarify with your doc, auk.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Sorry to hear this. Have a speedy recovery ok?

lvynana said...

Coffee girl: uncle..salam dek yoh, and say thanks.

Rose n willie: thank you, I'm quite well now, although the other after effect is not in our hands. *finger crossed*

Tia said...

glad to hear that you are okay...

Timothy said...

have a speedy recovery...MGBU