December 12, 2015

Better Home #3 | Fridge




Sharon D said...

I just did mine too, weeks ago. Haha..mostly I wish I had a bigger fridge!

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, I am not sure if I want a bigger fidge. I know for sure if I have a bigger one, it will still be too full n unorganised, just like this one. I wish I am a better 'cleaner' :)

Rose said...

If you come to my house you will be shocked to see my fridge. So unorganised and cluttered. Hehe.

Maybe it is time to arrange my fridge. I think I did mine last month.

suituapui said...

Same here...but no, not my fault! We had a small one, it was always full...then we got a bigger one, also the same...and now, we got an even bigger one, nothing's changed! I would go through the stuff once in a while...throw away everything!