December 22, 2015

VivaCity Megamall, Kuching

10 days after its opening, we finally step into this latest megamall in Kuching.

We went early, reach there at 9.50am, hustle free; can park right at the entrance on LG near Everrise.

At central court area..

Did some xmas present shopping at Parkson.

Browse around at Kaison..

Spotted a weird door near Everrise.  A door without a purpose - according to Eugene.

The Market Place by Everrise.

Tony Roma, I am coming back for you!

We spent 1 hour n 20 minutes there.  Paid the RM2 parking fee and we are out of there.


debdesq said...

At last kitak org pegi ahernya... hehe.. berbunga2 hati ku nangga pic Kaison ko ya... akan ku pegi sia agi... belalak nak angkut.. haha

Ez Vina said...

Auk Deb, akhirnya dtg meluangkan masa ke sia. Byk bunga kacak di kaison eh.

Sharon D said...

Nice! I love getting to malls early too avoid the crowd.

mr_abs said...

Wahh. Lom gik ke sia. Kelak ngabas. Nok pintu without purpose ya, ya emergency door ya sebenarnya. Mun ditutup nok zing door ya, pintu ya exitnya :D

Ez Vina said...

Kan Sharon, senang cari parking also.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Abs, benar juak, tp yg pelik kenak perlu ditutup zink ya? Maka sia escalator jak pun.

suituapui said...

Oh? The Market Place? Branch of the one in Sibu? Tony Roma! I read that the anchor tenants were Parkson and Everise - sure did not get me all excited, those two. Very crowded, terrible jam, I hear.

Ez Vina said...

This 'Market Place' is operated by Everrise also. Nothing new but food options are plenty. Am loving it, I prefer eating then shopping now.