January 2, 2016

Sushi Zanmai, Vivacity #1

We went there on the 2nd day of its opening.  The queue is long, we waited for 20 minutes to be seated, and another 40 minutes for all our food to arrive.
The queue

The menu; love the seating arrangement and the deco; the wet tissue on the table cost 20sen each.

We had.. Ocha - RM1.50 each,  Ebi tempura, shuyo ramen - the clear broth is so tasty and the tiny mushroom in there is so good, chicken katsudon - there's same tasty tiny mushroom in this rice too.  Am loving the tiny mushroom!
We also ordered ss salmon salad, ss avocado, ss inari.

Food is pricier than Sakae Sushi.  Mummy n daddy love the taste, while Eugene n Emmett still prefer Sakae Sushi.


Filip and Kristel said...

Like collages. Happy New Year.


Rose said...

So many Japanese outlets there.I had a walk last Sunday for the 1st time there.

Sharon D said...

Wow, that is a long queue! The food does look like it's worth the wait. ^.^

ztie said...

wow.. macam bes jak. belom try gik pegi vivacity tok. hmm