January 15, 2016

Emmett at 6 years & 4 months

Emmett lose his 1st tooth earlier this week, it fall out by itself, no pain no blood.

His random conversation with his brother, Eugene:

Eugene:  Emmett, look at this.
Emmett:  wow, it's a magnet, give it to me, don't magnetize your head.
Eugene: No, I am not going to magnetize my head, and I am not giving it to you.

Few days later, still playing with the same magnet...

Emmett: I know what I'm gonna do with this magnet, at night, I am gonna steal it.
Eugene: hahaha, at night, I'm gonna hide it.
Emmett: aiyaaa..


Rose said...

My boy 6 years and 5 months old still dont have a single shaking tooth. Wonder when his first tooth. Lol.

Sharon D said...

Haiyooo...so cute! ^.^

Coffee Girl said...

boleh buat comic strip tok haha so cute. bila nak try anak pompuan tek? hehe

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, your boy my be having a very strong set of teeth there.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, I enjoy listening to kids conversation. It's exciting, original and refereshing.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Coffee Girl: baby gal? eeerrrrrr panjang err nya, lum habis berfikir lg tok ;)