November 8, 2016

Pokemon Go | Pikachu

It's Pokemon party time at home tonight.
See how many Pokemons are there...
I guess this game has becoming less popular and they are giving these freebies out.
Haha.. gonna catch them all! *insert the pokemon theme song here*

AND... I finally got my 1st Pikachu!  It hatched from a 10km egg with 482CP.  Ohh it really makes my day.


Rose World said...

I only know Pikachu. Dont know other monsters at all. Lol. My kids know them better as they watched the cartoons sometime.

Sharon D said...

Like Rose, I also only know Pikachu I have been so tempted to pick this game up because of the discounts and freebies given out here but I don't have the time for it right now.

Ez Vina said...

Rose: its ok :)

Sharon: now that you mention it, We did got offers and freebies bcoz of this game. We get free iceecream in Kenny Rogers, we got popcorn discounts any fews other small offers. I should really continue investing my time in time game. Haha, execuses.