November 23, 2016

Annual Dinner 2016

This time, our annual dinner's theme is a Black Tie Night.  Since it is a formal night, I decided to spend some time and money to look good.  Had my hair and make-ups done by the pro.  Our function was held at Pullman Hotel, Kuching.

My hair.. half way done.

My make-up, am happy with the outcome, not too heavy and no fake eyelashes.

The table decor for the night.

Our 1st dish for the night.

Our entertainers..
 Bob AF

And Jay Jay, wahhh so nostalgic, love his voice.

Our team performance..

Our vvvvip for the night.

Party needed early about 10.30pm, went home with happy faces, gue dapat lucky draw Panasonic kettle malam tu.


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Sharon D said...

Natural beauty gitu. I love the makeup and I agree, once in awhile, we need to pamper ourselves this way.