January 9, 2017

Friends and food

I don't have many close friends, but those few that I have, they are real keeper. - Ez Vina

Good food is all sweeter when shared with good friends.

 Thank you Mdm Deb for the yummylicious homemade carrot cake.

Thank You Mdm Steph for the creamy dabai all the way from Sibu.

Thank you all my friends, regardless ada makanan ka takda, I love you all to the moon and back. muah.


Rose World said...

I also dont have many close friends. Friends, yes. But close friends, few people that U could confide my secrets and sharings.

Sharon D said...

Same here, when it comes to friends. A lovely few is enough.

debdesq said...

Hugss nana.. <3 glad you like it.. :*