January 4, 2017

Emmett and math

ohh how time flies, my youngest boy is already in Primary 2 this year.

I didn't blog much about his Primary 1 journey, not as much as I like to.

He is doing well in Mathematics. He received prizes for Math Quiz competition and best student for Math subject in Primary 1.
 His classmate - Malay boy, Indian-Chinese boy, Melanau-Bidayuh-Chinese boy - 1Borneo.

Overall, for other subjects he is doing fine, however, just like his brother, they both are quite weak in Bahasa Malaysia subject.  sigh.


Rose World said...

Well done. Keep it up.

Sharon D said...

Happy 2017, Ez. May your family be blessed with everything wonderful this year. Good job with the kids. I always ketawa when I read about your conversations with them.