October 22, 2017

Asian Recipe Cafe, Kuching

Yesterday, after an Evening Mass at the church, we went to Asian Recipe Cafe, Premier 101 for dinner.

We have been here for a couple of time now.  They have quite a range of menu, and of coz our must order is the Mango Sticky Rice, which is out-of-stock most of the time.  We were lucky last night as we got the last plate of the day.

So, here’s what we ordered...
Pineapple fried rice - RM8

Butter chicken rice - RM9.50

Chicken with deep fried kale - RM16

Last but not least, Mango sticky rice - RM7

Soft drinks at RM4 each.

Air-cond, clean place, decent food; I am thankful!

1 comment:

Sharon D said...

Adoi..sedapnye. Mango sticky rice and butter chicken rice looks so good here.