October 23, 2017

Don't laugh, collection 2

A deer
Emmett: What do you call a deer without eye?
Mummy: No idea (no eye dear).

Emmett: Why a dinosaur cannot clap their hands?
Answer: Because they are dead.

Mummy: Emmett, you have 2 erasers in your pencil-case, right? Take out one of it, you might lost both of them tomorrow.
Emmett: Mum, I never lose my eraser.
Eugene: haha, name 1 time that you didn’t lose your eraser.
Emmett: I never lose them, they just walked away from me!


Sharon D said...

LOL ...!! Emmett would make the perfect motivational speaker. Nothing deters the lil guy.

Small Kucing said...

opps.... i cant help laughing. cute :)