July 1, 2018

Wild Passion Fruits

It has been ages since I last see and eat this Wild Passion Fruit.  Few days ago I saw these at a friend’s house gate, of coz I have to get some these hard-to-find fruits.

Ahhh it tastes exactly like my sweet wild adventurous childhood memory :)

Have you tasted this fruit?
It tastes very similar to the common passion fruits, but these tiny wild passion fruits are so much sweeter, no sour taste. So good!

Remember only to take the orange one, the green one are not ripe yet.

The Iban called this Letup, the Bidayuh called it Tayot.


Rose World said...

I don't think I taste wild passion fruits. Didn't know the wild type is very hairy. Haha. The normal passion fruit I know is not hairy but hard skin.

Ez Vina said...

The hairy part is the outer protection, the fruit itself it similar to passion fruits’ texture. Pls dont eat the hairy part :D

Sharon D said...

I have never seen this in my life! How I wish this is sold here. It irks me that we can import fruits and veggies from overseas but not bring in local stuff like this to our supermarkets :P geram