April 4, 2011

New RM50 - not machine washable

Ini dah kali kedua saya masukkan RM50 note yang baru ni dalam washing machine.
Kali pertama dulu takde la teruk sangat sampai macam ni, so ada lagi kedai yang sudi menerima note tu.
Yang kali ni memang dah teruk sangat, rasa nya memang masa tu machine dah di-set soak 1 hour then baru wash kot.
Nak kena pergi buang masa kat Bank Negara la nampak gaya nya ni.


Arief Arf said...

erk, thanks for the experiment!

lvynana said...

haha..takde keje buat keje kan!

eugene said...

Hey i think you don't have to go to Bank Negara, i think every commercial bank will be able to change for you, i did once,,, ,,,,,

lvynana said...

Really? I haven't try that yet, but it was rejected by the Post Malaysia :(

Rose said...

I kenak once! When training in KL. FOrget to dig out the money from my pant, so end up washed in washing machine. But mine not as bad as yours and luckily can pass through during transactions. :p no more such experience for me. I have to be more careful next time