July 12, 2011

Is your coach original?

Ok, I sudah angau dengan bag coach, tapi sebelum beli kena la ambil tau selok belok berkaitan dengan bag ni sedikit sebanyak kan..

Here’s how to tell if your Coach bag is not an authentic one:

Look closely at the signature C’s: The C’s should be lined up perfectly at the seams, and should look exactly like the full C no matter what side they are facing. Many fake Coach bags feature a lineup of Cs that are not symmetrical, or where some of the Cs look different from the rest.

Is the C really a C? : Many fake Coach bags are made up of a pattern of signature ‘G’s or ‘O’s. You may need to look very closely to determine if the letters are actually the original Coach C and not another letter of the alphabet.

Look at the pattern of the Cs: The C’s should be placed completely in alignment with each other so that the pattern is symmetrical. If you notice gaps in the pattern or some Cs are facing a different direction from the C that is two C’s next to it, there’s a good chance that the bag is fake

The logo tags: Most Coach bags are designed with leather logo tags and a beaded metal chain; the company also manufactures bags with a metal logo tag. Make sure that this tag matches your bag, and that the COACH logo is not imprinted but actually raised right on the tag.

The control number: The serial number, also known as the control number, should be printed right on the tag inside the bag. Call Coach directly to register that number; if they cannot locate the record, your bag is a replica.

The Inside Emblem Tag: This is where the knock-off designers are getting better, they are taking actual imprinted tags and copying them exactly, the wording USED to be different, but todays replicas have actual wording in them (the good replicas do anyway) if it is missing a serial #, it is obviously a fake. The leather is always the same soft supply feel, and a lot of times, if the bag is from a Coach Store it will have a small stamp on the corner, it will look like a hole punch, without puncturing the leather. This little circle is a good indication the bag is authentic.

Here is how to tell if the Creed is fake:
Creed Examples:
REAL: NoM05J-117
(letters & numbers are flush, no spaces)
FAKE: No M05J - 117
(if there are ANY spaces, ANYWHERE in the creed- it is NOT real)

Other Signs of Fake Designer Bags

Designer handbags from all of the luxury designers and brands are a high-ticket item around the globe, and are rarely discounted by the boutiques and shopping outlets. There are only a few situations that a bag be discounted; when you are purchasing it directly from the designer’s outlet boutique, the designer is promoting a sale online through their own website, or when a department store is putting past-season designer handbags on clearance. If you stumble across online and offline stores with a large inventory of in-season designer handbags with dramatic price reductions, there is a good chance that they are all replica bags.

Overall, there are several ways you can spot a fake designer handbag, regardless of the designer. Look for the following giveaways when you’re handbag shopping so you always select an authentic product:

Logos – make sure the logo is symmetrical, and that any lettering is complete. Misspellings and strangely shaped versions of the company logo are giveaways that the bag is fake
Oversized hardware – almost all designer handbags use small hardware to embellish the bags with (unless the hardware is part of the bag’s unique design or style). Clunky ‘feet’ on the bag or oversized clasps and zippers are often the signs of a poorly constructed bag which is more than likely a fake.

Certificate of authenticity – the certificate of authenticity may be tucked inside an envelope, pouch or small bag and contains a unique number that identifies the manufacture date and ID of that particular bag. If the number printed on the certificate of authenticity does not match the control number imprinted on the inside of the handbag, the bag is a fake one

Weight and texture of the bag – genuine leather and suede handbags are fairly heavy when they are picked up, and will have very soft texture to them. If the bag feels like plastic or faux leather, there’s a good chance that it is a fake one.

Stitching – always pay close attention to the stitching to make sure there are no frayed threads, and that the stitching is even. Most designers take extra steps to make the stitching almost invisible; if you can see the stitches without stretching out the bag, the handbag is probably fake.


* 13 July 2011 - susah gak nak beli, terlalu banyak yang palsu; nanti gue beli ori pun orang pikir palsu huhu..


Coffee Girl said...

Cheh.... i siap2 googled Coach Bags tadi lepas baca ni. hahaha. oh that is wat it looks like. im soo ignorant ah. sigh... nice bags.

Rose said...

Thanks for sharing! Now I know which is real which is not when i check on customers' "branded" bags. hahaha!

baskar951 said...

having designer handbags is a perfect choice...

Sulaman said...

Ya.. banyak sangat beg yang palsu dijual di pasaran termasuklah di gedung dan butik terkenal.. gue pun dah kena ...

armouris said...

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