July 3, 2011

A 'warm' month

Day 1 - Atur-atur meja, collect stationery.
Day 2 - 1st assignment; corporate website, initially few options was given (including FB and Twitter) but I opt for the website coz revamp website is still in UAT stage, which is a great way for me to start.
Day 3 - 2nd assignment; event website.
Day 4 - Working SEO and photo naming. Plus go through the website agreement and payment issues. It's all about Inbound Marketing.
Day 5 - Briefing by the HR Manager, working on Tagging.
Day 6 - Atur season parking and assist in uploading file into IMS. Masa balit, boleh pula kereta tak nak start, melayang RM175 beli battery baru.
Day 7 - Update corporate website lama. Working on google analytics. Get to know about Satoc. A call from HLDN really unmake my day.
Day 8 - Got an assignment to cover rfmf. Working on google maps.

Let's see what else I did during the whole month..
- Attended an incredible workshop on Presenting yourself powerfully by Tina Altieri
- Attended staff meeting - Turun padang
- Worked on youtube
- Product knowledge - Dolphin watch

All and all, I'm very happy to be here, and Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I guess my warming up period is over.

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