July 25, 2011

Trip to Zon tengah Sarawak

Day 1
6.50pm - reach Sibu airport
8.20pm - check-in to the hotel
9.30pm - out for dinner

Day 2
6.45am - breakfast
7.00am - start our journey to Mukah
2.45pm - lunch at Matu
7pm - back to hotel in Sibu
9pm - had fried chicken and bun for dinner in the room

Day 3
8.30am - meet at Resident office
2.20pm - Sibu Airport
3.00pm - lunch at Sibu Jaya
11pm - back to hotel
11.30pm - had beef-egg-cheese burger for dinner in the room

Day 4
8.15am - start our journey
10.00am - reach Kanowit
10.45am - brunch
6.35pm - reach hotel in Sibu
7.30pm - to pasar malam

Day 5
7.15am - start our journey
9.45am - reach Belawai
11.00am - reach Kg. Rajang
1.00am - lunch at Tanjung Manis
3.00pm - reach Sarikei
4.00pm - visit Pesta Nanas
6.15pm - reach Ulu Sarikei
7.15pm - start our journey back to Sibu via Ranang
8.30pm - back to hotel
10.30pm - out for dinner

Day 6
8am - had Kampua mee for breakfast
9.30am - check-out
9.50am - journey to Sibu airport


Coffee Girl said...

2 malam makan dalam bilit... tedah dayung. best kan roadtrip cam tok? hati2.. benda cam tok la menyebabkan cepat naik badan sebab sik berasa tek. ;-)

lvynana said...

ohh tidak...

Filip Demuinck said...

Good planning, we also do this.

TimmyLicious said...

wow that is what i call traveling.