July 30, 2012

Rafflesia in Kuching

We had one mission on Friday morning, that was to search for the largest flower of all - Rafflesia.

I was eager and reached SFC office at 8.03am, where our briefing will only begin at 9am.

After briefing, we carpooled to our destination. We had a quick stop at Kota Padawan for breakfast; I had this...
Kampua, nice, huge portion, I can't even finish this plate.

At 10.30am we start moving, reach kpg Temurang at 11am.

We were advised by our team leader (Mr. Maurice) to wear this special shoes - the Adidas Payak.  Nice comfy shoes cost only RM8.50 :)
1 of me and 1 for all.

The trekking along the kebun trail was kind of easy, took us about 15 minutes to reach the Rafflesia area. However on that day we only managed to catch the bud of Rafflesia, not 1 but 5 buds in one small area. That considered very good since a Rafflesia takes 9 months of 'pregancy' period and will bloom for 5 days only.

At this moment, if you are interested to catch a blooming Rafflesia, you should go to Gunung Gading, only within this week ya.

The (buds) Rafflesia

 From kpg Temurang, we went to kg Anna Rais, that's gonna be in my next post..


Coffee Girl said...

Mcm ya duhal bud nya ...

lvynana said...

auk, gia la. weekend tok balit kampung, nangga2 kat belakang rumah, ne tauk ada ;)

Benda tok sik boleh disentuh sikit pun, mun kena kaco, lalu buruk nya.

sibu food diva said...

ooo! very nice post! too bad i cannot do outdoor thingy now :( do you have any idea where to get that 8.50 adidas shoes? :))) thanks. maybe i should buy one to remind myself that i can do outdoor activities again very soon.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Diva: easiest to find in India street. Can be found in MJC and 7th mile too.