March 5, 2014

Emmett in K1

Emmett is doing quite well in Maths subject.  

This was his homework last night, he did it on his own without any assistance.

However, he still have some problem in spelling.  He can spell 1 syllabus like 'ba', but when asked how to spell 'baba', he will be lost.  

I must admit that I don't really read to him, sometimes I even let his brother Eugene do the reading withhim while I do the house chores.  Yes, I am guilty as charged :(
Will try to spend more time with him on his study.


Rose said...

I just submit my boy's primary school registration form today. So fast. In 2 years time he is going to Primary One.

I also having hard time teach my boy. Always the case when teaching own kids. Lol

ez vina said...

Rose: I got the form d, but not yet submit, still got few documents not yet photocopy.