March 12, 2014

JB - Singapore Trip 2014

Our transportation and entrance fee expenses:

Day 1
Taxi from Senai Airport to 11@Century - RM45

Day 2
Taxi from 11@Century to CIQ - RM6.90
Bus from CIQ to Quenstreet - RM2.60 per person
Taxi from Bugis to Gardens By the Bay - sg6.60
Audio tour Gardens By the Bay - sg5 per adult, sg3 per child
Flower Doom, Gardens by the Bay - sg16 per adult, sg11 per child
Taxi from Gardens by the Bay to MRT city hall - sg7.70
MRT city hall to Kranji - sg2.30 per person
Bus from Kranji to CIQ - sg0.80 per adult, sg0.50 per child
Taxi from CIQ to11@Century - RM7

Day 3
Taxi from 11@Century to Aeon Tebrau - RM14
Taxi from Aeon Tebrau to 11@Century - RM25

Day 4
Taxi from 11@Century to Senai Airport - RM42


reana claire said...

Good information here.. so you are an avid traveler too!

Ez Vina said...

Yup, we love to travel, but since the kids are still small, we only travel short distance for now.