December 8, 2014

Pandan Thai Delight

Crab meat fried rice - Rm13

3pcs fried chicken wings - Rm12

Waterchestnut sago in coconut milk - RM5.50 - this taste so so only

Mango sticky rice - RM15

See my visit here in 2013.


Sharon D said...

Looks yummy. Crabmeat in fried rice? Hah! Something I'm going to try soon ;)

Coffee Girl said...

the only problem i have with this place is the portion of the food... so sikit!

Ez Vina said...

Hi sharon, yup must try 😉

Hi coffee girl, me, i'm actually only interested with the sticky rice mango, but quite dissappointing coz the rice is not soft enough to my liking.

Coffee Girl said...

Paksa pergi Thailand gik carinya oo... *excuses*

ez vina said...

Sangat sokong itu statement la coffee girl ;)