September 10, 2015

Princeton Hotel, Johor

Our initial plan was to stay at Granada Hotel.  We leave our booking to the very last minute, less than 1 week before the trip to be exact.  We thought that the price will not be much different since it is not during school holiday anyway.  Boy, we were wrong.  Only limited rooms were available, and huge price different than earlier.  We decided not to pay additional amount in a hotel that has neither a swimming pool nor a bathtub.  

Legoland hotel also having the renovation work to their swimming pool during the time. * Notice:
We regret to inform you that our hotel swimming pool is closed for renovation from 1st to 17th September 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Source:

Too lazy to do anymore research, we decided to book a room where nearest to Granada Hotel, hence the Princeton Hotel.

So this is a family room in Priceton Hotel.  At 1st they gave us a room without window. Gosh, I immediately requested for another room, luckily we were moved to this room with a huge window.

This hotel has all the basic things we need.  We didn't expect much also, as long as it's clean and convenience.

All in all, we had a good stay there.


suituapui said...

Yes, same long as it is clean and comfortable...and cheap, not into swimming pools...and definitely not into bath tubs, dunno how many people have been in it. I would like a window too.

Sharon D said...

The basics are enough for me too. I prefer to spend less on hotels stays since I only use it for sleep.