October 12, 2009

Confinement: Herbs & Drinks Pt.2

Things that I actually take during my confinement period.

For bath:
1. Sisuoh leaves - for the 1st and 2nd week

2. Herbal bath - during the 3rd week
3. Bai Jiu & Sirih leaves - during 4th week

For drink :
1. Pati Prune - RM22.90 - to prevent constipation
2. Pati Ikan Haruan - RM21 from cosway - 2x

3. Milo 3-in-1 with oat

4. Ginger with Honey - too sweet.

5. Longan + Red dates + wolfberries

6. Martel, take once only, too strong for me.

7. DOM - 1L - RM100 - still taking a sip before going to bed, very good.

For cooking :

1. Chinese cooking wine - RM25 - 18% alchohol - take once only, I don't like the taste, pahit.

2. Bai jiu - RM5.50 each - for cooking vege & ka cang ma - 3x
3. Hong jiu - for chicken soup - 13x

4. Lots of ginger, preferably the local ginger.

See Pt.1 here


Rose said...

Oh dear! Dont remind me of the food and drink taken during confinement! hahaha!

Willie said...

During confinement, you really need to take care of yourself. Many people said, the effects can be fatal if you don't take care of yourself during your confinement.

lvynana said...

Rose: I have no problem with the food, in fact I kinda like it, just cannot stand the heat, follow my mum advice, no fan no air-con.. pengsan.

eugene said...

wa,you just reminded me of the confinement period my wife went through, i was enjoying the food more than she did, because i really like few dishes supposedly catered for confinement.

please rest well,take a lot of fluid, and be at peace,ya

take care now and have a great week ahead

Coffee Girl... said...

Martel? Dom? Chinese wine? wow... it's time to start the cycle going, none during pregnancy, but all for it after. Sigh... mommies get the best of everything... sigh... except for pati apa2je tu... nmakan jak haruan benar2. lagi la nyaman.

lvynana said...

Eugene : Thanks

Coffee girl : auk, pati haruan ya nang tutup hidung jak masa minum.

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