October 13, 2009

Sit Down

On the way to Jenny cafe.

Mummy: Sit down, Eugene.

Eugene: I want to see the car.

Mummy: Why do you want to see the car?

Eugene: I want to see the road.

hmm..susah betul nak suruh dia duduk masa dalam keta, apalagi nak suruh gunakan seat belt... jangan harap.


Gallivanter said...

"Why do you want to see the road?"

"I wanna see the road signs"

"Why do you want to see the roadsigns?"

"I wanna see the car."

The circle is complete. :-D

Sumuk said...

kujiet rubat!

Rose said...

Yeah, very difficult to keep them down. My little gal also the same. We always argue in the car, I ask her to put on sit belt, be quiet etc. the all the questions of "why". Sigh! I am stressful on the road.

Coffee Girl... said...

*Laughs at Galivanter* was thinking to post almost the same lines. Haha. tak jadi. sudah disebut orang.

the little prince said...

Slowly train him...must be persistent, it will work one day!

Willie said...

My son pun sekarang susah nak suroh dia duduk diam diam. Asyik nak berjalan jer.

Hazel said...

if they really can listen to us, so they won't be called as KID

Ivy Metaga said...

heheeh..cute sekali juga...

budak2 mmg ada satu perangai yg sama kan masa kecik ...hurmm..masa utk mrk explore tu...mata tgk sana sini hehe

lvynana said...

Gallivanter & Coffee gal : Kalau dilayan mmg never ending story.

Sumuk : mok penyet tiak lubat eh mala obuoh kujiet.

lvynana said...

Rose : stressful + heart attack

Willie & Ivy : yup, kids sama umur mmg ada persamaan ;)

Hazel : have to be patient with kids.