September 9, 2010

Chef At Home

Location : somewhere opposite the Petronas station, Hui Sing Garden.

Garden & casual diningMenuCordon Bleu - RM16
(dalam menu tulis Cordon Blue - gambar kat bawah)
Deepfried chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese
accompanied by salad & baked potato or fries
Panfried garlic butter fish - RM12
accompanied by salad & baked potato or fries
Ayam tu ada keras sikit, kalau lebih lembut and juicy lagi best.
Ikan tu memang sedap, lemak berkrim, masam masin memang cukup rasa.
Hidangan kena tunggu lama sikit, mungkin sebab kami datang terlalu awal , dalam 6pm+ gitu.

*latest update (April 2013), they have moved to somewhere near Saberkas.


Rose said...

Never try that place before.....very near to my place, but give it a try someday!! Thanks for the introduction

Cyril Dason said...

i think ive passed this place before.. but the protion looks rather .. smal :-(

lvynana said...

Rose: you should try it.

Cyril: For me, the portion is just fine :)