September 21, 2010

I love you 2

Eugene: I love you, Mummy.
Mummy: I love you too, Eugene.
Eugene: I love you five.


fLo said...

hahaha....koatan nk nunjuk love glak lalu 5...cute da jak...=p

Jen Cheung said...

very very cute lah :) hehe. isnt it heart warming hearing that from your own kid?? awww makes me really want to have mine ar :(

have a lovely tuesday love.
jen @

lvynana said...

auk: nang semangat benar nok padah nya paling sayang tek.

Jen: Faster have your's, of coz it comes with lots of responsiblity too, but it all worth it :)

Gallivanter said...

Kids, amazingly spontaneous answers...I'm looking forward to have my own...indak sabar sudah ni, tapi have to hold on, kira duit dulu. Haha!

lvynana said...

Gal: wow..ndak sabar ya, tak apa, susu gantung kan ada :)