September 17, 2010

In my kitchen #2

What's in my kitchen..Fried dory with butter and garlic served with tartar sauce

Homemade tartar sauce

Baby corn + carrots

Calamari ring

Salmon with butter and garlic served with stew sauce

Chicken soup + potato + carrots


Rose said...

Yummy!! Long time I did not cook in my kitchen. I miss all those hussle of preparing, cooking and cleaning once a while. hahaha!

deb said...

waaa..nyummy! Antar satu menu ka desa ilmu na.. Hehe

Amni said...

Serius nyaman aieee... mun kmk di rumah kitak tok nang boleh kmk tok gemok.. suma benda mek minat makan... haih..

Kris and Nadia said...

Wow looks delicious :D

Jen Cheung said...

you sure are a good cook :) look at the different variety of food hor :) yum yum.

have a lovely weekend!!
jen @

Coffee Girl said...

Absolutely fantastico mama! esp the dory. *sik manas nemo kelak?* You've up urself to many levels already!

lvynana said...

Thanks friends untuk kata-kata semangat, saya pun masih try and error sebenar nya.

deb: tok mok extra delivery charge tok :)

Jen: still learning.

Coffee girl: auk kesian nemo kan..

TimmyLicious said...

cia lok..........