August 30, 2014

In my kitchen #22

Cream sauce pasta with mushroom and bacon

Stuffed pumpkin with creamy chicken

Cheese + Lumut cake

*Langsat susu local - RM10 per 3kg

*Dabai - RM20 per kg

** Dabai and local Langsat are very difficult to find in Kuching at this time around.  Most langsat sold by the road side are from Indonesia, it taste different.  As for Dabai, small or medium size are easier to find, which normally cost around Rm14-rm16.  These Rm20 per kg is huge (for Kuching standard).

So happy with my catched, both from MJC evening market.


Rose said...

Here the dabai and langsat are in abundance!!

Yummy pasta and pumpkin dishes.

Ez Vina said...

Lucky you, enjoy it while you are still in Sibu ;)

Sharon D said...

Yum stuff - the pumpkin dish looks beautiful!

Ez Vina said...

It taste great too :)