August 12, 2014

In my kitchen: Stuffed ash gourd

Remember the ash gourd in my garden? Well, that plant did not survive for long.
This is the only harvest that I get.

So what should I do with this size of ash gourd?
I stuffed it with mince meat.  I got this wonderful idea from a creative blogger - EastCoastLife.

My recipe is very simple, you can read it here.

This is the result...
I don't quite like the taste, but hubby loves it and he is very impress with presentation ;) 

Will try to improve the recipe next time around.


Rose said...

So nice. Can plant and eat own veggies. I think it is a very creative recipe.

Usually I stir fry the gourd with anchovies.

ez vina said...

Wish I have the time and energy to plant more, but sometime the TV programs are just to good to be ignored ;)

Coffee Girl said...

Wow dayung! that is indeed a really nice presentation! So you steam the whole fruit with the filling inside? the isi can be eaten after that? How long do you steam it?

Ez Vina said...

Coffee Girl: The truth is I don't really like this 'fruit', but I love how it make the soup 'sweet and tasty'.

If you like, sure you can eat the fruit together, I think I steamed it for about 1/2 hour - depends on the size of the fruit I guess.