November 14, 2014

Mint & Basil Vietnamese Cafe (Nov 2014)

We are craving for more Spring Rolls after having some at Saigon Fusion Vietnamese Restaurant.
This time we want to try another Vietnamese cafe at The Spring, Mint & Basil Vietnamese Cafe.
Nice deco

Coffee is the key to survival.. you think so?

 It's called Summer Rolls here, not Spring ;)
Summer Rolls - RM7.90

Size is smaller but cheaper; and instead of beef they replace it with thin slices of pork belly.  So yummy.  Great for shack break.
Mango juice - RM5.90
Notice the biodegradable straw - me likey.

Next time I'll try the beef pho.


Coffee Girl said...

Summer rolls nya rasa fresh oo. But I kinda feel weird sipping from the paper straw, sebab i tend to bite my straw out of habit. haha... ujung2 koyak then i rasa gelik nak pakainya gik

Ez Vina said...

Auk, nyaman rolls ya. About the straw, nasib aku bkn jenis gigit straw, i can imagine how weird it is mun straw ya penyet :)