November 27, 2014

Lunch at Borneo Highlands

We have vegetarian lunch meal at Annah Rais Cafe, Borneo Highlands, Padawan Kuching.
 High ceiling. Wooden furniture.  Heavy plates and cutlery.

Tomato soup

Broccoli and mushroom

Bean curd

Bok Choi

Fried mushroom in sesame oil


Rose said...

Price? Ok?

Ez Vina said...

We took package RM100 per person. If I try to break it down would be RM20 per person x 4 including fruits. Just some rough idea.

Sharon D said...

Oo...I've heard of Annah Rais. Have always wanted to come here. It looks like such a cool place to visit.

ez vina said...

Hi Sharon, the Kampung Annah Rais itself is a few km away from this Borneo Highlands, on the way back to Kuching city town.

Kampung Annah Rais is a great place to experience the Bidayuh lifestyle and visit the hotspring too.

Can see my visit there in 2012.

Sharon D said...

Thanks Ez, exciting betul! Hope I can visit soon ^.^