November 10, 2014

Interstellar (2014)

This is a great movie, it has great rating; but it does not excite me.

Upon leaving the cinema, there's too many why on my head.

What happened to earth?
Why won't they find a solution to save the earth?
Why give up on earth?
If the hero managed to see time as something physical, why can't he goes back to the pass?
Why a space station?
Why the other astronout didn't go and search for Dr. Brand?
Why burn the crop when there's already too much air polution? Why? Why? Why!


Rose said...

Saw the preview. Not so nice is it?

Ez Vina said...

Too mind blowing.. for me.

Coffee Girl said...

not really a fan of spaceship or outerspace movie. cun juak sik dpt pegi enjoy nanga wayang dah... :-(

Ez Vina said...

Eh, agik dpt ya, sampe minit terakhir. Dah ada si kecil klak terpaksa pantang movie for 1 year.. Huhu

Merryn said...

I heard many mind blowing reviews about this movie but I doubt I can get to watch it. At least not with a toddler in tow.

Sharon D said...

Earth is dying and is becoming unlivable. When the crops are no longer able to produce due to earth's current conditions, they try to plant something else but now, they already "sampai last-lah this". The next generation will have no food.

So, they need to find another planet ...hahaha.. that's what I gathered, but evil scientist had other plans! Jeng!

The other stuff I don't know why. Challenging betul, this movie.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Merryn, it's ok, just wait for the blue ray ;)

Hi Sharon, yup the earth is dying, but there must be a reason why its dying, like air-pollution maybe, can't somebody find solution for that? Those genius NASA find worm hole and travel out of milky way, why cannot save the earth.

I think movie Elysium makes more sense.