November 28, 2014

Guest rooms at Borneo Highlands

There are 40 guest rooms & suites in this Borneo Highlands Resort.

The suite
Selfie kejap

Only limited number of rooms are equipped with TV set, coz you are supposed to get out and enjoy the nature, the view here are superb.  I'll share it in a separate post.


Rose said...

The room looks cozy to me. I dont mind room without tv but I am sure my kids will go crazy without it. Haha.

Ez Vina said...

If for just 1 night shud be ok, if more than that I also cannot tahan 😉

Sharon D said...

Yeeee..makes me want to fly back East for a holiday. Ez, is the mobile line decent or not?

Ez Vina said...

Mobile line and internet line all good. Got wifi access at the hotel lobby as well.