November 13, 2014

Saigon Fusion Vietnamese Restaurant

Saigon Fusion Vietnamese Restaurant @ Bishopgates, Carpenter Street, Kuching

Our 1st time here, these are what we ordered, in our preference order..
Spring roll - RM18
1 fresh prawn + 2-3 slices of beef + bee hoon in a thin transparent wrap

Bbq pork - RM18
Nice but the pork is a bit tough.
Beef Pho 
Too much onion to my liking.

Canned drinks - RM4.50 each.
Free complimentary drinks available.
I love the dipping sauces.
I was a bit  disappointed coz they don't have the Mango sticky rice on that day :(


Coffee Girl said...

U tried the MInt & Basil kah dayung? is this better than that? I selalu cari the crispy shrimp pancake (banh xeo) but Mint & Basil dont have. Maybe i shd drop by some day

Ez Vina said...

Hi Coffee Girl, aku ada baca review org padah Beef pho sitok nyaman gik. That's why I go here, but the highlight is the Spring roll.

I don't see any shrimp pancake on the menu here tho.

Sharon D said...

Mmm..I like the simplicity of the food. Yum stuff :)

Ez Vina said...

Yup, very fresh not salty n n