March 31, 2015

Ginza Kurando Japanese Restaurant

We had Japanese buffet at Ginza Kurando Japanese Restaurant, Wharney Guang Dong Hotel on our 1st night in Hong Kong.

The food there was so fresh and yummy.

I never really like sashimi before, but the sashimi there was so fresh and sweet.  I had lots of salmon that night.

Salmon salad


Smoked salmon with rice


Miso soup taste so good on a cold night

Price is very reasonable with the quality and quantity of food that you can get.

Only 1 thing that I don't like is the red clam sashimi, maybe 1 day I might learn to enjoy it, who knows.

This place is a walking distance from our place, Empire Hotel, Wan Chai.


Rose said...

My favourite! Drooling now.

Ez Vina said...

I also want some more le.. Huhu

Sharon D said...

Wow..super yum!