March 20, 2015

Insurgent (2015)

This month, not many movies that we can enjoy as family.  Many great movies like Chappie, Kingsman and Run All Night are all rated as 18.

So yesterday we end up watching Insurgent, Insurgent is the sequel for Divergent (2014).
We enjoyed it, except Eugene, he doesn't really fancy this movie ever-since the 1st one.
This time, I think the heroin expression is getting better; Stiff is not that stiff anymore.
Hoping to catch the final part Allegiant next year.


Sharon D said...

I'm looking forward to catching this one. Haven't had time. Busy days ahead for me! -_-

Ez Vina said...

Hi sharon, if you didn't watch Divergent, you can just skip this one; but if you did, might as well follow till the end :)